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Ida Playin Teeter

Hello, Fergus here. I think that I mighta mentioned that Monday nite was agility nite at the big horse barn where we go. Agility is what hoomans call playin wit jumps and tunnels. We were havin a grand old time, and even Ida was gettin to play and she was havin fun too. Now I really like playin jumps and tunnels so sometimes I get a little too exited and don’t always pay close attention. So this one time when dad gived me a treat fer doin such a gud job of things, I axidentally got some finger in my mowf too and apparently put a hole in it. Dad, well he just stops an looks at his finger an says Its Bleedin. (Duh!) Then without a word he puts my leash on me, takes me out to the car and shuts me in without so much as sayin Good Boy!

Wild Thing!

Nope not even once! So that was the end of my play evening. Dad didn’t talk to me all the way home, and I thought Oops, this isn’t gud. But the time we got to our house, he was back to normal an I got my Good Boy Ferg and treats too. Glad he can’t stay mad at me, an I will try not to do any finger bitin when we go to the big horse barn next time. Bye fer now, Fergus. 🙂

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Bad Week Fer Noses!

Gater wit A Nose Injury

I’m saddened to report anudder tuggin related nose injury. My Christmas squeekie  (see December 26 post) was playin’ tug with Ida-Boo and Merlin when his nose suddenly come from t’gether and all the stuffing fell out of his head. Actually. I mighta helped with the stuffin removal part. Anyhow, the fact is that my once stuffed squeekin’ gater is now just a grubby little tug rag.

My Mom musta noticed this too ’cause she gived me a brand new toss toy out of sorrow fer my loss. Its kind of like a Kong toy with a tug rope thru the middle of it, and mom says its indistuktable, so we can’t wreck it. We’ve all heard that indistruktable thing before, but weel see. This one might be wreck proof or it might end up in the basket of the other dead indistruktable toys. Fer today’s pictures we have my dead gater and of course a photo of me, with my new toy. See ya later. Ferg. 😀

Me and The Indistruktable New Toy

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Well, yesterday started out pretty normal. I was out in the yard chewin’ on a bone that I found, Merlin had a big tug toy that he was swingin’  at Dad and Ida was trotting arownd looking for trouble. Then she spies Merlin, grabs the other end of his tug and its game on with Merlin and Ida playing one of their noisy, all over the yard games of tug. They play that all the time, and all was well until Ida changed her grip and bit Merlin The Scarey right on the nose. OMG! I haven’t seen Merlin that mad since the time I jumped thru the dog door and landed in the middle of him  while he was sleepin on the other side. Anyways, Merlin drops the toy let out a HUGE YELP pulls a hunk o hair outta Ida’s butt and then starts chasin’ her arownd the yard fast as he can run! Dad rescued Ida by opening the door and tellin’ her to get inside while he stayed out with me & Merlin to give him time to calm down.

Me (I know yer loo-kin)

Latest news. Merlin’s nose seems to have recovered. He no longer wishes to have a big Ida smack-down and life is agin back to normal. Sadly, the picture taker was busy savin’ Ida’s life, so we don’t have any good action photos of the ructions in the yard. Here’s a picture of me instead! Bye fer now Ferg.

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Playin’ In The Dirt!

Me Comin' Down The A-Frame

Hey! I got to go play jumps & tunnels in a big horse barn last night! It was awesome. My sister Taylor, my boy Kent  and Orla (lalala) and some other dogs I didn’t know were there too. Orla (lalala) is one of my girlfriends, so she’s a beardie also. Dad says that we’ll be goin there once a week  until summer and that will be loads of fun. I get beef heart & garlic treats for remembering not to knock the bars off the jumps and stoppin’ at the bottom of the A-frame and teeter totter. Here’s a couple of pics from last night showin’ my great form. See ya. Ferg. 😀

Me Rememberin' Not To Knock The Bar!

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Boo Fer Floo

Dad's Finally Movin'

Well I’m glad that’s over! Mom & Dad both decided to have a floo at the same time so house floo rules was in effect. No Barkin’, No Runnun Arownd Bein Foolish, No Playin’ Fetch In The Yard! BORING!!! But like I said, things are lookin’ up. Got out fer a little walk & fetch last nite and mom gived me a good brushin’ this morning and Ida & Merlin The Scarey barked themselves stoopid at each other upstairs without gettin’ hollard at.

In another interestin’ development I got a new game. I sniff Ida’s butt and then Mom grabs her, rolls her on her back and checks her underpinnin’s to see if she’s “Seezonul”. Then everyone gets treats. This is a great new game and its surprizin to me how fast Mom’s pickin’ up on it. Just goes to show, that even hoomans can be trained if a dog has the patients. See ya later. Ferg. 🙂 

Floo Rules Is In Effect!

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Tire Jumpin is Great Fun

Madigan’s Abracadabra, that’s the fancy dress-up name for one Merlin The Scarey. He’s the oldest beardie in our house and a force to be reckoned with! Merlin likes people, likes agility and LOVES frisbee chasin’ and catchin’. I hear tell that when Merlin was a sprout, dad couldn’t throw a frisbee far enough that Merlin couldn’t catch it. He lost a little of his zoom last summer when he hurt hisself playin’ agility. He goes to the bone-crincher now to help him get better. It seems to be working, ’cause he can run fast enough to still scare me!  Check out these pics of Merlin The Scarey on the agility course.

Merlin In The Tunnel

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Heeeer’s Ida!

Ida In The Bushes

Another awful cold on the feet day out here and there’s not too much interestin’ to talk about. Sooo, let’s talk about Ida-Boo. Ida’s one of my ten kids. She still lives at home. She is a Canadian champion show dog (like her daddy!) and likes agility. However Ida’s favorite thing to do is steal toys from Merlin The Scarey to drive him nuts. He barks and barks, she dances around with glee, and every once in a while gets a little tuft of hair pulled out of her butt by the afore mentioned Merlin The Scarey. She steals bones from me to try an’ git me goin’, but I just go get another instead of gettin’  my dander up. Here’s some pictures of Ida for yur viewing pleasure. Bye fer now. Ferg. 🙂

Pretty Girl!

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Hoooray For New Years

Dad Made Me Wear A Hat

Sooo…Dad was odder than normal tonite. He was watchin hockey on TV (that parts normal), then after a bit, up he jumps and hollars Happy New Year! Then he gives Me & Merlin The Scarey & Ida-Boo a kiss on the nose and stuffs a piece of cheese in our mowfs. Where did that come from? We don’t know but wees all for it. Hooray for Happy New Year! Let’s do it every day ’cause cheese talks!

Yesterday, I rediscovered the joy of Howlin. I tried it when I was younger, but kinda drifted away from it in recent times. But last nite, we had a bright round shiney ball in the sky and them coyotes were howlin up a storm and the mood just came over me and I cut loose with a beaut of a low howl. Startled dad big time. He came flyin out the door like he expected to see Bigfoot in the backyard, totally interrupting my great howl. No worries though. I got my singin voice back, and me and the coyotes will be at it agin soon.

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