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Its Rainin’ Puppies!

My Sister Tawny Got Puppies Too!

Last time we talked I told ya about my daughter Casey gettin eight puppies d’livvered to her. Well, not to be out done, now my sister Tawny jus got nine puppies livvered to her. So now I’m  o’fishilly makin February “The Month It Rained Puppies”.  I don’t know if they got names yet but heers a picture of the whole gang layin arownd sleepin. Apparently puppies do that a lot when they’re fresh. When they git older then they start to run arownd and get a little more bothersome.

C'mon Dad Throw My Toy!!

So… what have I been up to yer probably wunderin. Well February has been quiet, aside from the whole puppie livverrin escapades. I been gettin out fer walks, playin agility at the Big Horse Barn and playin fetch with dad in the snow. Thats always fun since I like chasin toys and I like eatin snow, so gettin to do both at once is great. As usual heers a picture of me. I’m waitin patiently fer dad to throw my toy. See ya later, Ferg. 😀

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I’m A Grampa Agin!

Casey and The Babies!

Casey and The Babies!

Hi again, Fergus here. Mom just got back frum London yesterday. She was helpin to duh livver some puppies to Casey. Yup, sheez one of my ten kids.  The one with the attitude. Anyhow they livvered eight brand new puppies to her. Thats a lot of puppies. We had one stay with us for a week once and it was a real handful, so eight of em will be a busy time! Caseys hooman sent some pictures of the whole gang to show everyone. You’ll notice that they gotta stay in a big pink box. Thats to keep them out of trouble until they get bigger.  I will try and get some more pics of the little beasties as they grow to show you later. Bye for now, Ferg. 🙂

Me When I Was Littler.

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Spa Day

Mom Makin Me Hansum

Sometimes I just feel like havin a lazy day. Mom helped me have one yesterday when she telled me to get up on the table for a brushing and nail trimming. She calls it Spa Day. I like Spa Days cause I get mom all to myself without Merlin or Ida- Boo gettin in the way, and mom always shows up with a bowl full of treats for me. I get them for just laying still and not moving. Tough life huh? I really like having my back and neck brushed cause it feels like the best scratchin ever. I’m not too crazy about having me feet brushed out because it pulls my toe hairs and that’s just irritatin. Also not always happy about it when she pulls the xs hair outta my ears. That requires a bunch of treats let me tell you. All in all though Spa Day is still a gud thing. Heers some pictures of me suffrin’ through the ordeal. 😀

Thinkin About A Little Nap

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