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Ida With Her Toy

Oh its Ida’s butt!  Hahahahahahahahaha! I know its not nice to make fun of Ida, but sheez sure puttin on the beef. Mom says its ’cause sheez prag-a-nunt, I says its cause sheez eatin four times a day.  I remember when Merlin was gettin big. There was no “poor prag-a-nunt Merlin lets feed him four times a day” stuff from mom then. Nooo. Mom said yer fat and cut his meals

Rollin' Rollin' Rollin'

 back an didn’t give no treats either. I guess its diffrunt fer gurls. In other recent stuff, the loaner puppies is all gone back home, but I herd mom talkin abowt some puppies commin here fer Ida-boo soon. Mom says that vet Michelle told her that therd be seven of em. I dunno how come vet Michelle knows this stuff but mom believes her. Sheez makin dad build a box fer keepin puppies in. I’ll show you a picture of it as soon as it starts to look like a box. Fer now, here’s a picture of Ida an’ one of me caught rollin in the yard.

Bye fer now, Ferg.

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Orla Havin' A Little Nap

Cupla weeks ago I told ya that one of my grandogs, Hailey was here for a visit. Well she went back home to Casey’s howse and anudder of her little uns came over fer some quality grampa Ferg time. This one is named Orla, after a friend of mine. She is a clever little puppy. Orla trained dad ta lay on his back in the grass while she climbs on his chest an licks his nose. She also trained mom to give her a cookie just fer sitting on the floor and lookin at her with puppy eyes.

Ferg & Orla In The Agility Field

Like I said, clever puppy. Orla’s still waitin fer the right hoomans to come along so she can go live with them and make their lives more fun. And now fer the Realee Big News. My agility field has grass! Yup, a big truck came over and left a buncha rolls of dirt at our howse. Then dad unrolled em all and presto! Instant grass. Don’t know who thought of that idea, but it is brilliant. Dad says I can’t play on it yet, but soon Fergus Field will be ready to go! I’ll keep ya updated. Anyhow, that’s all fer now.

See ya later


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Rental Puppy

Hailey Gots A Stick

I mentioned a while ago that my daughter Casey (wit the attitude) has some puppies. Well one of ’em got to come and stay with us for a few days to git socialized. That’s a fancy word fer gettin to learn stuff frum Grampa Ferg. I’m not usually a big fan of puppies. They jump on you and try to share your dinner and steal yer toys an’ stuff, but this one’s a real cutie. Not only that, but she’s chasin Ida-Boo all over the place an drivin her crazy! Nothin quite like seein someone gettin their own

Ida an' Hailey Tuggin'

 back is there. Oh, her name is Hailey. Almost forgot to mention that. Anyhow, Hailey’s got this amazing flying squirrel move, where she runs at Ida and sproings up right in her face just like a flyin squirrel. I could watch that all day. Hailey’s developin into a gud little tug toy player and Ida plays that

Intruktin The Young un Abowt Toys

with her quite a bit. For a while Ida was playin it a little too hard an it was more like puppy toss than tug, but she’s toned down the intensity a bit so little Hailey can still keep her feet on the ground! I also got some updates on agility field activities. Dad put a buncha holes in the ground today an filled them with long sticks called posts. I dunna know what that’s all abowt, but when I figger it out you’ll be the first to know. Still no grass in the field an no jumps or tunnels. Anyways, that’s all I got fer now. See ya later,

Ferg 😀

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