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And Now…Da Boys


Duke And The Goofy Sheepie



Well now, a cupla days ago I told ya abowt the new baby girls, so I guess that its time that I inter-deuced ya to the boys. But first lemme tell ya abowt the goofy stuffed sheep. We use them when we take puppy pictures so that ya can see them growing. Right now they look real liddle next to the sheepie, but pretty soon they will be just as big. We use a sheep ’cause we’re Bearded Collies and beardies are a herding breed. That means that we gather up sheep and put em where they’re


supposed to go. Startin the young ‘ums off with a sheepie helps em learn abowt them right frum the get go. So anyhow enuff of that stuff, heres the boys. They are named Louis, Cab, Duke and Monk after Jazz musicians, just like the girls. Check out their pics.

Bye fer now…Ferg 😀

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Some Girl Puppies




Hey there. Its a kinda rainy dull day here at Ballinorig (that’s our kennel name), so let me inter-deuce you to some of the new puppies.



First off lemme tell you abowt their names. When the puppies come home they git some stuff called rik-rak tied arownd their necks. Every puppy gets a different colour of rik-rak so that ya can tell them apart. Then they git someptin called litter names, so ya kin call them someptin other than hey you with the red rik-rak.



Their litter names aren’t the forever names ’cause they don’t git forever names until they move out wit their own new peeple. Okay, so that’s kinda the name backgrounder. Fer theese puppies mom  named the puppies after Jazz Musicians. I’m gonna inter-deuce you to the girls today and their names are: Blossom, Ella, Billie, Dinah, Cleo and Ivy. Heers some pictures fer you to enjoy.

See ya, Fergus 🙂

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Yesterday started pretty normal, like every other day lately. Breakfast, then hang arownd on the deck out back, hava snooze, play a bit an’ snooze sum more. Then dad gets home, an’ Nanna Sharon comes over an’ then they leave with mom and Ida-Boo. Yup they just left me and Merlin ta take care of things. Well just when its gettin dark out they git back with Ida-Boo and ten puppies!

Ida an' The Day Old Babies

 At least thats what mom said they are. They are kinda liddel and don’t do too much ‘cept eat, sleep, eat, sleep and so on. Merlin, he takes one look attem and heads out back. I think hees gonna come back in when they leave. I snuck in fer a peek at the puppies but mom chased me outta the room and says that I can’t come in fer a few days. Apparently the puppies is six girls and fore boys. They all looks ta be black and white ones, and no brown ones like grampa Ferg. I’m gonna try to do puppy profiles as they git bigger an start to grow personalities an stuff, so check back often ta watch em grow.

See ya soon…Grampa agin, Ferg 😀

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Missing Leg-of-Mint

Merlin In The Yard

Merlin’s leg-of-mint is missing. No one knows where it went. He jumped off the couch the other day and presto, it was gone. The trouble is that his leg don’t work right wit out the leg-of mint. I heard mom an dad talkin and it seems that vet Michelle gets leg-of -mints in from time to time. I think that mom told her to set one aside fer Merlin so he can walk right agin. Hope he gits one soon cause hees not a happy boy wit out it.

Ida Inspectin' The Puppy Box

Ida-Boo continues to expand on account of the prag-a-nunt thing that I mentioned last week. Shees actin like some poor starvin dingo-dog that hasn’t seen food in days. Me an’ Merlin are both afraid to go ta sleep, in case Ida mistakes us fer food. In puppy news, Dad got the puppy box built that I told ya he was makin’ fer Ida’s impending puppy livvery. Mom’s paintin’ it up so its puppy appropriate. I included a picture of it since it looks like a box now and not just a pile of wood.

Me An' The Undestruktible Toy

Finally in my January 22 post I mentioned that Mom gived me a new Undestruktible Toy ta replace my unstuffed gater toy. So ya might have wondered how the toy has made out, and I’m pleezed to say that it is still alive and well! I’m o’fishillily givin it the Ferg seal of approval fer bein my longest runnun Undestruktible Toy. Fer todays pictures we got Merlin while he still had his leg-of mint, Ida scopin out the new box and me with the afore mentioned toy.

Bye fer now, Ferg 😀

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