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Just Anudder Summer Day

Me Hollarin'

Hey hey…Fergus here. Been quiet here except fer the usual puppy uproar arownd feedin time. It sounds kinda like poldergeist muppets yellin their heads off. Mom an dad had ’em out in the grass yesterday fer the first time runnun arownd. Kinda fun to watch. Anyhow here’s a picture of me hollarin my way down the A-frame and a slide show of the puppies yesterday. Dad says they was 33 days old at the time.


Ferg 🙂

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Fun In The Tunnel

Hi agin, Fergus here. I’ve been enjoyin the agility field quite a bit lately. When I do good stuff on the jumps, then dad throws my toy fer me to chase. Its great fun! Sometimes Ida gets to come out and play too, but sheez not allowed to jump high or play on the A Frame on account of her bein a new mom and all. This brings us all to the weekly puppy update. Sadly they still haven’t learned to tell


time yet, so the mornin howl still starts at sun up. They had their first bath yesterday, and let me tell you, they was a sad buncha puppies then! Ivy in particular had a lot to say abowt the whole bath thing, and they wasn’t happy words either. When it was all done though they was a nice lookin buncha clean fluffy puppies. Chech out the slideshow to see fer yourself.

See ya later, Ferg 🙂

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Well hello. Lotsa big news this week. I problee should have written a cupla posts fer all this stuff, but heer goes.

Me and Ida-Boo In Fergus Field

First up is the agility field news. Its done and we’re usin’ it. I included a picture of me and Ida-Boo standin in the field in front of some of our stuff. Dad calls it the agility field but I like to think of it as “Fergus Field.” Its got a nice ring to it don’t ya think. Send some comments on this ’cause I want dad to make a sign fer the gate way. Oh yeah, I mighta mentioned before abowt the mystery sticks that dad planted arownd the field. It turns out that they are posts fer the fence arownd the field. I believe that the fence it ta keep coyotes an foxes outa the field. This is ’cause they don’t have any trainin’ on using jumps and tunnels and they might get hurt on account of that.

Next big news is our kennel has a new web site at http://ballinorig.com. Dad’s still messin arownd with it ta get it just right, but there’s pictures of me and Ida and Merlin and puppies and me there fer your viewing pleasure and lotsa other stuff. Check it out and fer makin it easy theres a link in my blog roll over on the right.

And finally there is of course the weekly puppy update. The little monsters are a bit more than 2 weeks old now, so their eyes and ears are open and they have learned the all important skills of barkin and howlin. I learned some important things abowt puppy development. Fer instance the first thing that puppies start to do when they can see each other is start ta fight. Yup thats right. Its nuthin serious though since they are kinda wobbly and fall over every 2 seconds so the fights don’t last long. Similarly as soon as they kin hear, they start ta bark an howl. They are loud too! I’m hopin that next week they learn ta tell time so that they don’t start the mornin howl until a more sociable hour than sunrise. Anyhow I included a new puppy slide show with some pictures taken when they were 16 days old.

See ya later…Ferg 😀

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Happy Canada Day!

Mister sheepie and the Gran-dogs got all gussied up fer Canada Day an’ dad took a buncha pictures. He turned them into a slide show to make it easier to see ’em all. Here they is, the whole gang fer yer viewing pleasure.

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