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Duke Sayin' Bye To Dad

Monk Havin' His Last Cuddle Wit Mom

Well. It seems like just yesterday that Ida-Boo came home with her new puppies…then all of a sudden they are nine weeks old. They went from liddle blobs to liddle dogs, runnun an barkin an playin an with their own personalities and everything. It’s quite a transformation and I never seen nothin like it before in my life. Anyways some of the liddle uns started to get their own peeple this week and moved out to houses of their own and carry on wit life’s big adventure. First to go was Monk. Monk moved to a place in California with two nice new peeple.  They took him away on an airplane. Since hees just liddle he got ta ride inside where the peeple sit. Lucky boy! I’m five and I never been on an airplane. I already seen some pictures of him in his new howse an it looks pretty neat. He has a beardie frend there named Ace who likes him too. Oh yeah he changed his name now ta Wellington or Welles fer short.  Next ta leave was Duke. Duke went to a place called Kenora to live with his new peeple and Gwyn the beardie girl. His new mom flew ta Toronto on an airplane ta pick him up and mom met them at the air plane port with Duke to send him on his way. So Duke got to go on an airplane ride too, and since hees also liddle he sat in with the

Cab On His Way To Tronna

peeple . Duke also gots a new name. Hees gonna be calle Seamus. Didn’t get no new pictures of Duke yet but he did send a nice letter to mom. I think someone helped him to write it, like his new mom or somethin. Then after that and before you knew it young Cab was also on his way ta live with some other new peeple in Terronto. They was arownd to visit with the puppies a cupla times and then came back to pick up Cab and take him to his new home on Friday. No word on new names yet fer Cab so maybe he will just stay wit that name. I’ll keep ya updated on the Cab name thing

Ella Gettin' Ready To Go

when I know fer sure. And finally, today wee  Miss Ella left with her new peeple to go to her new home in British Columbia, in a place called Tsawwassen. That’s quite a name isn’t it? Her new peeple have a Beardie named Rusty Brown. Hees a blog readin dog so he clearly is a fellow of culture and gud taste. I’m sure that Wee Ella will be a happy gurl there. Oh, Ella’s gonna have a new name too. If we ever have puppies agin then mom and dad will need ta get way better at name pickin so that the liddle uns don’t hafta git their names all changed over. So anyways, the puppy pen sure looks emptier now then it did a few days ago. Mom and Dad are none too happy about sayin goodbye to all the young uns. Mom cries and dad

Contemplatin' Life

just gets quiet an all. I’m not sure how I feel abowt it. I do miss them and they sure are fun to watch, but mom and dad are so busy with puppy stuff that I feel kinda left out. I think Merlin feels the same way, so we will probly be glad when stuff gets back to normal. That’s all fer tonight.  I included some pictures of the puppies that left fer new homes and also a picture of me and Ida just hangin arownd.

Bye fer now…Ferg.

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I Don’t Like Baths!

Was this really necessary?

Okay. So mom says hey Ferg! We got invited to a Scottish breed exhibition, how ’bout that! Let’s go, it will be fun. Noboby said nothin at any time about a bath!! So what I wanna know is how come these things always involve baths? Comments on this issue would be welcome ’cause its not clear to me, no siree. Anyhow, we got

Mom Says I Clean Up Nice

through the whole bath thing and went to this place in Toronto and I got to meet some Dandy Dinmonts and some other Scottish dogs and kids and peeple too. So, I guess it wasn’t soo bad. Change of topic now. I wanna talk abowt our kitchen. It used to be a nice kitchen. It has a pretent liddle fire hydrant with treats in it. It has a big cupboard with treats in it. It has a big fridge with treats in it. Well you get the idea. It has lotsa dog critical items in it. So now it has a big plastic fence across the one end and closed glass doors on the other end and down by the closed doors is a big puppy pen. Yup, its puppy terror-torry. No big dogs allowed! Harumph! Now on to our update on the wee beasties. Mom an’ dad took em out in the back yard fer a romp and anudder rownd of pictures with our own Mister Sheepie. Remember that I told ya a while back that one day the pups would be bigger than Mister Sheepie? Well the day has come. They are all eye to eye wit the sheep and some are even bigger. Seems like they grow up fast don’t it? Anyways, heers the latest puppy slide show fer yur enjoyment. The pictures was taken when they were six weeks old. Weel talk later, Ferg 😀

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