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Busy Times

Cleo and Grampa Ferg

Busy, busy. That’s the way the end of summer has been. First we went campin at a place called Long Sault. It’s a long car ride from my howse to get there but its worth the drive. There is a big dog show with agility and stuff every year. Jody and her friends put it on. Mom an dad help wit the agility part. I got ta do some agility when I was there and I got a cool blue Q ribbon fer one of my agility runs. Dad said that I acted like a Hi-eenah the rest of the time but the way he said it made it seem bad. Not sure what that’s all abowt. Billie’s new peeple came to Long Sault frum far away in Montreal where

Sayin Bye To Billy

 they speak French and took Billie to her new home. She got a new name too. Her’s is Mishka. Cool name huh? So anyways after Long Sault we had anudder agility thing closer to home. I gotta ribbon there too, but this one was red. I think that’s the end of outside agility this summer except at my howse. So on ta puppy news. Five of the liddle uns got new peeple now and five of em are still livin wit us. They are gettin pretty big now

Cleo The Escape Artist

an make me laugh. Liddle Cleo has turned in ta an escape artist. She kin get up and over the gate in the kitchen in no time. She landed in da mop bucket doin it one day last week. Louis has decided that hees king of the puppies and tries to be the big boss. That works till he tries it on Ivy then its game over. Ivy don’t think hees the puppy king. Mom decided that Blossom is gonna live here wit us and wouldn’t ya know it but mom changed her name too. Now sheez called Gwen. I hope mom don’t change my name cause I like bein’ Fergus!

So that’s all fer now, Ferg.

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