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Louis found a grouse in our yard. It wasn’t a happy grouse, in fact it was a dead grouse, but since Louis found it, it was Louis’ grouse. Louis came trottin across the yard pleased as can be wit his head held high and his grouse in his mowf. Mom seen Louis comin an says, “Oh look, Louis has a toy!”  Then Louis gits closer an mom says, “what have you got Louis? and quick calls dad. Louis musta sensed an issue wit his grouse ownership, cause he took a quick turn and tried ta get away from mom, cept the grouse was so big that when he tried ta move fast he kept trippin on it. So anyhow, mom caught upta Louis easily. They had a stand off , like two gunfighters in an old western movie and then quick as a flash, mom pulls a cupla old cookie bits outa her pocket  and shows em to Louis. Louis musta thought that cookie bits in the hand was better than a grouse in the mouth, cause he dropped the bird and snarfed the cookies. Then he looked real surprised when mom picked up the grouse and walked away with it. Anyways it didn’t take long fer Louis to move onta other things, and the poor grouse faded into memory.

The end.

Bye fer now…Ferg 🙂

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