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Seezuns Greetings!

Me an the Agility Field

Hi again, its me Ferg. Here is a picture of me standing in front of the agility field. As you can see, it doesn’t got any agility stuff in it whatsoever. It only has snow in it now and sometimes some wild turkeys from out in the corn field. This was suprizin to me since I didn’t know that turkeys were interested in agility. Anyways, since there is snow that means that Big Horse Barn agility has started fer another year. Me and Ida-boo and mom and dad go there once a week fer jumps and tunnels. The puppies have all gone to their new homes now and Gwen and Cleo are gonna stay here.

Ivy Leavin'

 It looks like Cleo is gonna keep her original name, so its good to see that mom and dad managed to name one of the ten puppies correct. They started Pretty Dog classes before Christmas and mom’s gonna take em to dog shows just like me and Ida did when we were liddle.

Louis Going Home

I’m not sure when they get to start playing agility.

Dinah Sayin Bye

Probably next summer when the field gets stuff in it again. I included some pictures of the last puppies leavin just to remind everyone abowt what they look like.

Bye fer now, Fergus 😀

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