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Moppets For Company

Chelsea Moppet

Last week the Moppet dogs came to Rancho Ferg fer a visit. I guess it would be more accurate to say that three quarters of the Moppets came actually. Only the blond moppets came here, the black haired moppet went to Ham-ell-town. They were all good fun, especially Chelsea Moppet, who is my favourite of the Moppet crew. They stayed for a few days an then had to go back home. I was sad to see them leave since we were having great fun chasing each other arownd the yard. I’m hopin’ that they com back some time. Here’s a picture of Chelsea Moppet for yer viewing pleasure.


Now for the all important puppy update. Like I told you a while ago, Gwen and Cleo are staying here to live with us. Gwen started school last week and Cleo is starting trick classes next week. Not sure what thats all abowt. Maybe she’ll learn some manners. That would be quite a trick! I can’t even go into a room now with out her getting in my face and swattin’ at me. Mom says that its some kind of puppy suck-up behaviour, but it makes me nuts.

In funny news, dad got some kinda odd foot things. He calls them snowshoes, and they make him walk like a duck. Me an Ida go for walks in the field with him an’ his snowshoes. We try not to laugh. Last few times that we went out with him we saw the wild turkeys. We try to chase them, but they

Me In the Corn Feild

just fly up into the trees till we’re gone, then they come back to the field fer the left over corn. Check out this great picture of me dashing through the corn field. Anyhow, that’s all the news for today. See ya later,

Ferg 😀

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