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Boo Fer Floo

Dad's Finally Movin'

Well I’m glad that’s over! Mom & Dad both decided to have a floo at the same time so house floo rules was in effect. No Barkin’, No Runnun Arownd Bein Foolish, No Playin’ Fetch In The Yard! BORING!!! But like I said, things are lookin’ up. Got out fer a little walk & fetch last nite and mom gived me a good brushin’ this morning and Ida & Merlin The Scarey barked themselves stoopid at each other upstairs without gettin’ hollard at.

In another interestin’ development I got a new game. I sniff Ida’s butt and then Mom grabs her, rolls her on her back and checks her underpinnin’s to see if she’s “Seezonul”. Then everyone gets treats. This is a great new game and its surprizin to me how fast Mom’s pickin’ up on it. Just goes to show, that even hoomans can be trained if a dog has the patients. See ya later. Ferg. 🙂 

Floo Rules Is In Effect!

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