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Ida The Christmas Toy Stealer

Ida The Christmas Toy Stealer

Meet the face of evil. Her friends call her Ida, or Ida-Boo, or even Miss Boo. I call her Ida the dirty-rotten-underhanded-sneaky-Christmas-squeeky toy stealer.  Look at her caught red handed WIF MY TOY IN HER MOWF!  Watch out for her in your neighbourhood, and if you spot her, HIDE YUR TOYS!

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Me & The Tree

My new Squeekie!


And so this is Christmas

We have a big tree

All covered with light bulbs

On which I can’t pee.

I’ll have a good Christmas

and be a good boy

so my dad will give me

a new squeekie toy.


Check out the picture of me and my new stuffed squeeking aligator!

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Hey. I’m starting a Blog. Cool huh? I have no idea what that is, and I’m not sure that dad does either, but all the cool dogs are doing it. Check back every week or so to see what me and my pals are up to. Bye for now. 🙂

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