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Well, yesterday started out pretty normal. I was out in the yard chewin’ on a bone that I found, Merlin had a big tug toy that he was swingin’  at Dad and Ida was trotting arownd looking for trouble. Then she spies Merlin, grabs the other end of his tug and its game on with Merlin and Ida playing one of their noisy, all over the yard games of tug. They play that all the time, and all was well until Ida changed her grip and bit Merlin The Scarey right on the nose. OMG! I haven’t seen Merlin that mad since the time I jumped thru the dog door and landed in the middle of him  while he was sleepin on the other side. Anyways, Merlin drops the toy let out a HUGE YELP pulls a hunk o hair outta Ida’s butt and then starts chasin’ her arownd the yard fast as he can run! Dad rescued Ida by opening the door and tellin’ her to get inside while he stayed out with me & Merlin to give him time to calm down.

Me (I know yer loo-kin)

Latest news. Merlin’s nose seems to have recovered. He no longer wishes to have a big Ida smack-down and life is agin back to normal. Sadly, the picture taker was busy savin’ Ida’s life, so we don’t have any good action photos of the ructions in the yard. Here’s a picture of me instead! Bye fer now Ferg.

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