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Happy Springtime!

The Puppy Party Gang

Puppy Party Action

Well, dad has come out of his winter hibernation long enough to help me write a new post. Last time we talked I told you all about recent puppy duliverries. Well last week it was the week of the puppy party. Mom went to two. The first was at my daughter Casey’s howse. Mom brought home pictures frum the big event. Apparently the puppies are

Pretty Liddle Gael

gettin all grown up now and some of em even moved out of the house with hoomans of their own! The next puppy party was fer my sister Tawny’s liddle uns, and it was at our howse. They were funny to watch runnun in the yard. They aren’t too good at hills yet, so when they run down to the bottom they stop by crashin into somethin, like another puppy. They are startin to get their own hoomans too. Wow they grow up fast don’t they.

Dad Calls This An Agility Field?

So what am I up to you wer probly wondering. Big Horse Barn agility is all over fer summer now, so dad’s buildin me an agility field of my very own. At least that’s what he says it is. Right now it just looks like dirt. There’s no jumps or tunnels or even grass in it. Dad says there will be grass and stuff in it an a little while. Hope so, cause it doesn’t look like any agility field I’ve ever seen. Here’s a picture of me standing in the field so you can see fer yourself. So anyhow, that’s all for now. Happy spring.


Oh yeah, almost fergot…Fer more puppy pics follow the links to Casey’s Howse and Tawny’s Home.

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Well, yesterday started out pretty normal. I was out in the yard chewin’ on a bone that I found, Merlin had a big tug toy that he was swingin’  at Dad and Ida was trotting arownd looking for trouble. Then she spies Merlin, grabs the other end of his tug and its game on with Merlin and Ida playing one of their noisy, all over the yard games of tug. They play that all the time, and all was well until Ida changed her grip and bit Merlin The Scarey right on the nose. OMG! I haven’t seen Merlin that mad since the time I jumped thru the dog door and landed in the middle of him  while he was sleepin on the other side. Anyways, Merlin drops the toy let out a HUGE YELP pulls a hunk o hair outta Ida’s butt and then starts chasin’ her arownd the yard fast as he can run! Dad rescued Ida by opening the door and tellin’ her to get inside while he stayed out with me & Merlin to give him time to calm down.

Me (I know yer loo-kin)

Latest news. Merlin’s nose seems to have recovered. He no longer wishes to have a big Ida smack-down and life is agin back to normal. Sadly, the picture taker was busy savin’ Ida’s life, so we don’t have any good action photos of the ructions in the yard. Here’s a picture of me instead! Bye fer now Ferg.

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